Call me Tobi.
Gender fluid
Pronouns: They/Them
Band blog. Minimal personal posts.
Mainly reblog Pierce the Veil, Of Mice & Men, Bring Me the Horizon and The Story So Far.
Suggest me music that you think I might like, or that you'd like to see me post.
Oh, and one time Matty Mullins made a special trip across town to meet me.

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Vic and Kellin at APMAS
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Bring Me The Horizon by Hunter Wallace Photo on Flickr.
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“#TeamMMF at the #APMAs! @BrittanyMullins@MMFCory @Jake_Garland @cmizell928@FindingFaith #YaThatsABoobGrab #ItsOkCauseWeAreMarried #ButImSurePeopleWillStillComplain #SoImNotGonnaReadTheComments #DangLifeIsGood, Love y’all!”
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Chiodos by Pauline Nguyễn on Flickr.Via Flickr:
Vans Warped Tour 2013
@ Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto
July 5th, 2013Prints | Tumblr | Harmonic Series  | Into The Crowd
Get a load of this guy.

Stranger: i can talk about high level stuffs

Stranger: im jus tireds :P

Stranger: what do u beleive in

Stranger: creationism or evolution?

You: both. you cant not believe in evolution. that just doesnt make sense.

Stranger: sure u can

You: i guess you can, but youd be wrong.

Stranger: creationist belief states that there was always one kind of creature

Stranger: or being

Stranger: which never deviated from its original form

You: no, thats not really what creationism is all about.

Stranger: im just scratching at the iceberg since i dont wana type a wall of text

Stranger: im pro evolution

Stranger: earth is way older than 4000 years

You: creationists dont all believe the earth is super young or whatever.

You: creationism is simply about believing in a higher power that put life on the planet. you can believe in both creationism and evolution.

Stranger: the primary vassal for this belief is Catholicism

You: That has nothing to do with anything.

Stranger: well your right since its a failed logic anyways

You: The point has gone so far over your head that I’m not sure I can even retrieve it at this point.

You: Are you in school?

Stranger: if we tried to consult every religious text an arguement for creationsists

Stranger: don”t you think that would get a little overwhelming

Stranger: and redundant?

Stranger: thats why Catholicism is used when debating the two

Stranger: esp since darwan was a christian himself

You: Number one, your sentence does not make grammatical sense. Number two, I’m stating things and you’re responding totally off subject. Number three, you couldn’t even answer my simple yes/no question.

Stranger: getting a little heated for discussion >.>

Stranger: im out

Stranger has disconnected.

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Their humbleness at this thing made me love them even more like fuck can you even be better humans???
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We travel in style 😎
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